PIL2 Assignment 2: Kitchen Sink (ink jet editing)

Camera: 1/60 @ f8, ISO400
Flash: M1/32 (pointed through the back of the vase)
When I first shot for this assignment, I didn’t really put in the time needed to produce something worth working with. So.. come two days before the assignment’s due date, I ended up abandoning my first attempts and went back home to start from scratch.
This time around I had allot more concentration and I also found the perfect object, a vase which had been blown to have four bulges or spheres, to which each were filled with its own sort of fruit preserved in oil or vinegar I think.
A little help from my roommate holding the flash and adding his own creative input, and the image came together.
I think it came out pretty well given the circumstances, and there is no doubt in my mind that in a more controlled environment it could have been taken a lot further…but  for a 20 minute shoot, I’ll put it up on my wall when I get the print back from the teacher!

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